Our Story

Spey Valley Brewery was the first commercial “micro” brewery to be located in the heart of Speyside, creating the finest hand-crafted beers from the same water as Speyside’s world renowned malt whiskies.

The company was founded in 2007 by a distiller, David MacDonald, and a local farmer, Innes MacPherson, who set out to produce world-class beers on the farm in Mulben. Initially brewing from a tiny pilot plant, for the first four years the brewery survived on the owners’ day jobs and focused exclusively upon getting the recipes and the products right. Distribution was deliberately confined to a limited number of informed, local buyers and it wasn’t until 2011 that the first commercial casks arrived on the market.

The first product – Spey Stout – was enthusiastically received by consumers and critically acclaimed throughout the wider brewing world. Encouraged by this early success, the company expanded production in 2012 and began distributing more widely throughout the North East and further afield. In early 2016, production moved to a dedicated unit – still on the farm! – that has seen Spey Valley Brewery become the largest brewery in the local area.

The team behind the brewery is as eclectic and characterful as the beers themselves . . .



David MacDonald

Co-founder, Director & Head Brewer

What more can we add? David is an engineer, distiller, brewer, and mountain biker. All these passions are evident in Spey Valley Brewery: in the recipes, the fanatical attention to brewing details, the production process, and even in the labels – if you know where to look… Spey Valley Brewery represents the culmination of ten years’ dedication – and long, long days – to the production of as good a Stout as could be found anywhere in the wonderful world of beer. David’s favourite tipple – his Spey Stout, of course, the one that got the brewery going. Preferably paired with a whisky chaser.

Innes MacPherson

Co-founder & Executive Director

It was Innes who knocked the stuffing out of an old water mill and cleared the way for the pilot plant at Mulben. Renowned businessman, owner of House of Mulben (also the Highlander Inn Hotel & Whisky Bar, highly recommended for sampling Spey Valley Brewery beers) and all-round local legend, Innes keeps everyone’s feet firmly anchored on planet Earth by constantly reminding us of the importance of actually brewing the stuff. Never mind anything else. Who really needs planning permission anyway?! Innes can usually be found propping up the bar in the Highlander, enjoying a Stillman’s IPA.




The Spey Valley wends its way from Dalwhinnie in the south to the Moray Firth in the north. An area of pine clad slopes and wide fertile valleys with the majestic Cairngorm mountains as the backdrop. Speyside is world renowned for its whisky and salmon fishing, and that very same water goes into our beers. A visit to the Spey Valley should be on every food and drink lover’s bucket list! If you’re in the area, do pop by for a chinwag – but give us a shout first, to avoid disappointment.