Spey Stout

5.4% ABV

Full bodied and smooth with the rich aroma and robust flavours of liquorice and chocolate, Spey Stout has had great reviews from stout fans and its clean, well balanced flavours are even converting those who typically prefer lighter beers.

Vital statistics

Style: A proper, traditional stout, but not overbearing on the palate – the most accessible stout you will ever try!

ABV: 5.4%

Format: Cask, 500ml and 330ml bottles.

Availability: All year round.

Good with…

A steak & blue cheese sandwich washed down with Spey Stout is a match made in heaven!

Nerd notes

Malts: Maris otter, Wheat, Crystal, Chocolate.

Hops: Northern Brewer, Lubelski.


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Where you can find Spey Stout

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Spey Stout